RDA’s business is focused on providing proven geomarketing intelligence solutions in five main areas...

retail network analysis

RDA provides a comprehensive range of retail network analysis capabilities through its geoTribes Explorer Geomarketing Platform.

The Explorer interface supports readily followed workflows for the main types of retail network analyses including Site Potential Evaluation, Finding Lookalikes, White Space Analysis, Gap Analysis and Opportunity Ranking.

geospatial media targeting

RDA’s geoTribes and geoSmart segments, geoProphet modelled household demand and propensity data are used extensively in geospatial media targeting in digital, print, outdoor and letterbox channels.

MAP Household Demand females

The unique Audience Finder System which is part of the geoTribes Explorer Geomarketing Platform enables clients to
define target audiences using any combination of person & household demographics, geoTribes and geoSmart segments, socioeconomic status deciles & lifecycle stages. These target audiences can be used in the Explorer or exported at any
level of geography including census areas, postcodes and retail network trade areas.

MAP Custom Audience - Young Family

needs-based segmentation

Our geoTribes segmentation scheme consists of 15 person-level segments, each with a unique needs profile based on lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status, used for CRM, Geospatial & Media targeting. Segments are supported with extensive profiling of underlying behaviours, attitudes & motivations.

The geoTribes segments are used by customer insights managers and corporate planners to integrate knowledge derived from a broad range of sources including database analysis, market research, geospatial analyses and media planning databases.


The socioeconomic status and lifecycle stages segments that underlie the geoTribes scheme are also used as the basis for creating customised corporate segmentation schemes, generally with a smaller number of segments that are tailored to a particular client’s business drivers and strategic priorities.

custom scheme

Customised corporate segmentation schemes can be tagged to CRM databases & used in profiling and other analyses in the same way as the 15 regular geoTribes segments.

gap analysis

We provide solutions for gap analysis of both customer databases and retail networks.

For customer databases, clients can readily discover areas of high and low penetration across geoTribes lifecycle & socioeconomic status dimensions and segments using indexes and z-scores by profiling their databases through the geoTribes Online portal.

penetration by segment

For retail networks, we produce geoProphet market demand estimates based on spatial modelling of the ABS’s Household Expenditure Survey and other microdata.

We also geocode, reweight and project customer databases to create an estimate of historical penetration and use machine learning to estimate underlying or expected potential.

By comparing market demand, historical penetration and modelled potential in our geoTribes Explorer geomarketing intelligence platform clients are able to develop a comprehensive understanding of performance gaps and market opportunities.

crm targeting & messaging

Clients tag their databases with geoTribes and geoSmart segments through our geoTribes Online secure tagging portal. The segments are then uploaded into data warehouses and CRM systems for customer analysis and targeting. Offers and messaging themes are developed based on underlying customer needs and feature responsiveness.

customer engagement

Response analysis by segment closes the loop and enables campaign optimization and message refinement in subsequent campaigns.