Unlock a whole new dimension of needs-based targeting by simply tagging your customer database with geoTribes Segments. Turn customer location and age into a powerful marketing resource.

The geoTribes scheme has 15 person-level segments, each with a unique needs profile based on lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status.

Meet the 15 geoTribes Segments:

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rockafellas achievers fortunats crusaders preppies independents suburban-splendour twixters debtstars boomers true-blues struggleville grey-power survivors slender-meanz

geoTribes tags using location and age, so
each adult in a household gets the geoTribes
Segment that’s right for their age

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Key benefits:

  • Proven, established product with broad usage & immediate availability

  • Easily understood by all parts of the organisation

  • Strong discrimination across lifecycle stages because age is used in fitment

  • Supported by extensive psychographic, lifestyle, behavioural and media consumption profiling

  • 24/7 tagging with SFTP or real time API

  • Fully parametric system with no personally identifiable information (PII) used in either its construction or fitment

  • Framework for building custom corporate segmentation schemes based on the proven geoTribes framework

  • Available in multiple countries Australia, NZ, Canada, UK and USA

Powerful needs-based
market planning

Adding geoTribes segments provides a single, needs-based framework that supports all phases of market planning from knowledge integration to execution and performance analysis.

This framework also works for custom geoTribes segmentation schemes.


How geoTribes

geoTribes Segments are tagged to customer databases using sophisticated probability calculations to translate the location and age band of each individual database record into its best lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status decile code. These are used to tag its person-level geoTribes Segment.

The power of the geoTribes system comes from how lifecycle stage and SES shape social identity, need states, personal values, utility structures, social narratives, aspirational cues and purchasing behaviour.


Flexible purchase options:

geoTribes Segments are available in a range of options to meet a variety of needs for analysts, planners and insight managers:

  • Database profiling reports giving inexpensive access to geoTribes profiles

  • One-off tagging so you can ‘deep dive’ into behaviour on your database

  • Annual license for use of geoTribes Segments in your data warehouse

  • Real-time tagging via API for website visitors, new customers and call centres

  • Postcode and suburb reports to find key customer concentrations ‘on the ground’

  • geospatial analysis through the geoTribes Explorer system for retail network analytics and local area marketing

  • Embedded in Nielsen’s CMV and TRW’s emma media planning systems

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geoTribes Segments excel where there are large customer databases
location and age and limited profiling information