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The geoTribes scheme has 15 person-level segments, each with a unique needs profile based on lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status, used for database analysis, media planning, retail analytics and customer engagement.

The geoTribes database tagging process uses a customer’s age and address to estimate their most likely position within the lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status framework and assign their geoTribes segment. This differs to the process used by traditional geodemographic schemes like Helix Personas and Mosaic, which blend customers of different ages into the same segment.

Lifecycle stage is a key driver of needs development, with socioeconomic status moderating the solutions chosen to meet them. Knowing a person’s position within these two factors provides deep insights into their needs, values, behaviours, lifestyles and psychographics.

geoTribes segments and customised corporate schemes are used in a variety of industries with large CRM databases but limited direct customer information, to provide a broad needs-based framework for analytics, strategic planning, engagement and acquisition.

using geoTribes in 5 steps

There are five steps to using geoTribes segments...

geotribes steps

database tagging 24/7

geoTribes segments are tagged using a secure link to RDA’s Australian-based production website. Tagging is available for Australia, Canada, NZ, UK & USA through secure sftp/ssh & batch and real time services...

database tagging

penetration by segment

Discover areas of high and low penetration across geoTribes lifecycle & socioeconomic status dimensions and segments using indexes and z-scores...

penetration by segment

understanding segment needs

geoTribes segments provide a single framework for bringing together information from multiple sources to create a readily implemented needs-based segmentation approach which supports customer targeting, proposition development and problem investigation...


customer engagement

Create tailored messaging & offers using geoTribes segment profiles...

customer engagement

customised segments for bespoke corporate use

RDA has extensive experience in helping clients to create customised corporate segmentation schemes using the geoTribes lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status matrix. These can be tagged onto databases and market research surveys through RDA’s websites and are tailored to each client’s strategic requirements and preferred terminology...

custom scheme

Customised corporate segmentation schemes can be tagged to CRM databases & used in profiling and other analyses in the same way as the 15 regular geoTribes segments.

geoTribes targets people, not the areas they live in so each individual
in a household gets the geoTribe that’s right for their age

why geoTribes?

geoTribes builds on traditional geodemographic approaches to provide a more versatile segmentation capability. The main benefits of using geoTribes Segmentation are...

  • Person-level – geoTribes segments describe the behaviour of individuals rather than households or areas and hence it is easier to visualise the relationship between needs and behaviour.
  • Compact scheme of 15 segments – The small number of segments makes it is easy to use, understand and communicate with non-technical users and senior management.
  • Uses factual age in tagging - This provides strong lifecycle stage discrimination which is critical in categories like financial services, telecommunications, automotive and recreation.
  • Needs-based segments – The discrimination between the geoTribes segments is based on fundamental needs drivers. This leads to distinctive segment profiles across a broad range of industries. geoTribes segments also work well with other attitudinal and behavioural schemes.
  • Built at overall population level – Hence it supports segmental gap analyses at all levels of geography down to census area level.
  • Extensive profiling – The scheme is supported by extensive psychological, lifestyle, behavioural and media consumption profiling data.
  • Versatile applications – The segments are readily applied in database, CRM, geospatial, media planning & market research applications and used to integrate findings from these sources within a single segment framework.
  • Platform for custom corporate scheme construction – geoTribes lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status dimensions can be used to construct readily implemented segmentation schemes that are optimised for individual client’s businesses.
  • Multi-country – geoTribes segmentation is available in Australia, NZ, Canada, UK & USA, so the same scheme and targeting logic can be used across multiple countries.
  • Web-based service – Rapid turnaround 24/7 through Web Interface, SFTP and API interfaces on RDA’s Australian-based tagging website.
  • Privacy compliant – Built entirely from aggregate statistical data and hence there is no privacy risk in using it for either analytics or market research.
  • Turn-key system – Painless development and implementation, based on proven methodologies and systems.
  • Technical support – Training, technical backup and applications support are provided by the experienced and friendly technical team that developed the system.

The unique features of geoTribes segmentation compared to general purpose geodemographic schemes, like Mosaic & Helix Personas are...

  • It is a person-level scheme that describes the behaviour of individuals rather than households or areas.
  • The use of factual age in tagging the segments provides stronger lifecycle stage discrimination.
  • The compact 15-segment scheme makes it easy to use, understand and communicate.
  • Customised corporate schemes, optimised to specific client requirements can be readily developed using the lifecycle stage and socioeconomic dimensions, and tagged to CRM databases through the geoTribesOnline website.


geoTribes segments are successfully used across a broad range of industries including...

Airline Airline
Charity Charity
Media Media
Retail Retail
Automotive Automotive
Insurance Insurance
Motoring Motoring
Superannuation Superannuation
Banking Banking
Loyalty Marketing Loyalty Marketing
Publishing Publishing
Telecommunication Telecommunication

media channels

Targeting by geoTribes segments is available in all major media channels including...

Digital Digital
Database Database
Outdoor Outdoor
Community News Community News
Letterbox Letterbox
Unaddressed Mail Unaddressed Mail
Social Social
Print Print
Broadcast Broadcast

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