Run Analyses. Get Answers. Make Better Decisions.

The geoTribes Explorer geoanalytics platform promotes better decision making in Retail Network Planning, Geospatial Media Targeting and other geospatial applications by making expert analytics readily accessible through a user friendly, instructional interface.

The Explorer is an enterprise-grade cloud platform, built on Google Maps, Amazon Web Services and specialist APIs. Its proven workflows, embedded data and powerful point & click analytics support fact-based decision making that’s grounded in expert customer targeting, mapping, site profiling and retail network analytics.

Rapid delivery, sophisticated rights management, team collaboration and expert technical support enhance the Explorer as a fast, flexible and customer-focused geospatial analytics capability for retail, corporate, media and consulting organisations.

The Explorer platform offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive external consultants and in-house GIS solutions because organisations only pay for the functionality, data and time period they need.

The platform's analytical flexibility is underpinned by a broad range of embedded geospatial data, including market potential models, site performance predictors, audience finder, geoSmart & geoTribes segments, demand models, consumer psychology & lifestyles and media consumption.

RDA utilises its geospatial data science expertise to transform customer loyalty and transaction data into bespoke strategic planning models. These are securely partitioned for the owner's private use and provide unique insights when used in conjunction with RDA's demand models and market segmentation schemes.

The Explorer platform is available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Great Britain.

powerful analytics

Based on many successful geospatial analytics and modelling projects as well as continual customer feedback, the RDA Research technical team has developed a powerful set of embedded analytics capabilities in the geoTribes Explorer platform.

Customer Targeting
  • Highest spending areas
  • Customer location hotspots
  • Psychology & lifestyles
  • Custom audience targeting
Mapping & Visualisation
  • Custom icons & colour themes
  • Count, penetration & index reports
  • Integrated, map, graphics & tables
  • Map, satellite, highway & transit
Site/Territory Profiling
  • Drive time & custom trade areas
  • Compare multiple locations
  • Lookalike locations & store emphasis
  • Building sales / franchise territories
Retail Network Analytics
  • Served market footprints
  • Cannibalisation & white space
  • Performance gaps
  • Opportunity ranking

customer data

RDA's data science team has extensive geospatial data processing capabilities including...

  • Geocoding
  • Database cleansing & segment tagging
  • Spatial interpolation
  • Mapping sales penetration
  • Sales potential estimation
  • Fusion of research data
  • Demand modelling
  • Customer behaviour trade areas

market data

Based on our extensive industry experience, RDA brings unparalleled geospatial modelling expertise to the preparation of its synthetic population, segmentation and household demand & household economics data. We use this to populate our geoTribes Explorer solutions and also source, prepare and integrate third-party data as required...

RDA market data...
  • Industry-leading geoTribes and geoSmart segmentation schemes
  • geotribes target audience data
  • Audience Finder system (creates target audiences by combining demographics)
  • Market sizing & behaviour modelled from our synthetic population model
  • Projected survey data from client-supplied survey research
third-party market data...
  • Census data from national statistics agencies
  • Behaviour, psychology and media consumption data from our research data partners
  • Client-supplied market data (eg Quantium Blueprint, Data Republic, CoreLogic, National Economics or .id population projections)
standard geographies...
  • Suburbs
  • Postcodes
  • Statistical geography (e.g; ABS, Stats NZ, StatCan, US Census Bureau and ONS)
  • Electoral boundaries

retail networks

RDA incorporates accurately geocoded and meticulously prepared retail network data into the geoTribes Explorer...

  • Client supplied branch/store performance data
  • Sales territories & franchise areas
  • Outdoor signage
  • Major retail brands
  • Public transport
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Dynamic access to the Google Places API

cloud platform

The geoTribes Explorer is an enterprise grade platform hosted by Amazon Web Services, and incorporating the Google Maps interface. Development of the Explorer is based on a unique collaboration of RDA's in-house development and data science teams, and extensive user feedback. Key features include...

  • Intuitive point & click interface
  • Seamless user collaboration
  • Comprehensive rights management system
  • Hosted in the Amazon Cloud
  • Familiar Google Maps base, including Streetview
  • Inbuilt geocoding for individual sites and networks
  • Management of network development stages using status tags
  • Bulk uploading of retail networks with travel time trade areas
  • Easy creation & editing of trade areas
  • Extensive segment and audience profiling
  • Full partitioning of client’s private information
  • Support for third party API integrations
  • Attach JPG/PNG images to locations
  • Use on tablet, laptop and PC
  • Custom skins available
  • MFA security available

training & support

RDA is committed to building a base of confident and skilled users, so we provide comprehensive training, helpdesk and consulting support through our friendly technical team...

  • Interactive online user guide
  • Webinars & one-on-one user training
  • Individual user configurations
  • Incorporation and maintenance of client data in the system
  • Consulting in geospatial data science & planning methodologies


RDA has successfully designed and implemented retail market analytics and other geospatial solutions in the geoTribes Explorer platform across a broad range of industries including...

Automotive Automotive
Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics
Financial Services Financial Services
Management Consulting Management Consulting
Private Equity Private Equity
Shopping Centres Shopping Centres
Charity Charity
Digital Media Digital Media
Health & Beauty Health & Beauty
Outdoor Media Outdoor Media
Recreation & Travel Recreation & Travel
Trade Distribution Trade Distribution
Community Newspapers Community Newspapers
Electioneering & Canvassing Electioneering & Canvassing
Loyalty Management Loyalty Management
Pharmaceutial Pharmaceutical
Retail Retail
Wellness Wellness
Expert geoanalytics without the need for expensive,
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