Expert geoanalytic solutions for retail network
planning, geomedia targeting and one-off geospatial problems.

The geoTribes Explorer Platform promotes better business outcomes by making expert geoanalytics and a broad range of highly relevant spatial data readily accessible through a user friendly, instructional interface.

Powerful geoanalytic capability:

The Explorer goes beyond mapping and dashboarding to provide powerful geoanalytic capabilities like drive times, custom trade areas, gravity modelling and lookalike search, custom segment generation, demand modelling and predicative analytics.

These are organised in intuitive analytical workflows to support retail operations and geomedia targeting activities like: estimating location sales potential, benchmarking performance, ranking network opportunities, analogue forecasting, target segment coverage, network cannibalization, served market profiling, sales territory planning, catalogue marketing, OOH, media selection and local area messaging.


High quality analysis and mapping at your fingertips

Key features:

User Friendly Interface

point & click| instructional menus | embedded workflows | user training & support

Advanced Geospatial Framework & Analytics

drive times | gravity models | location potential | look-a-likes | cannibalisation

Comprehensive Geospatial Market Data

expenditure | Census | health | automotive | Nielsen GeoCMV | Audience Finder | geoTribes & geoSmart segments

Upload Your Own Data

audiences | predictive analytics | icons | retail outlets | media assets | customer locations

Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform

Amazon AWS | Google maps | Excel export | team collaboration | user rights management | custom skinning | MFA

Multi-Country Coverage

Available in Australia, NZ, Canada, UK and USA

Key benefits:

Immediate Access

rapid, painless on-boarding with no development delays, costs or risk

Tailored Service Configuration

users, data, functions, time period & branding tailored to meet your specific needs

Low Overall Cost Of Operation

data, analytics platform, training & support all bundled in one licensee fee

Deep Geoanalytics Expertise

highly productive embedded workflows based on deep geoanalytics expertise & backed by RDA’s data science team

Multi Dimensional Customer Targeting

combine proven geospatial data from multiple sources to create sophisticated customer targeting

Consistent Analytical Outcomes

user training, help desk, instructional menus & expert support build user expertise & guides consistent results

Turn geoanalytics into a
competitive advantage

Flexible purchase options:

  • Custom Reports
    • Excel spreadsheets made to meet your specific analytical requirements eg. site profiles, network rankings and shopping centre deep dives

  • Project License
    • Tailored configuration for your project requirements

    • Short-term license that’s ideal for strategic market reviews & consulting projects

  • Annual License
    • License geoTribes Explorer system for your on-going use

    • Configured with the data & analytical features that exactly meets your needs

    • Single user or analytics team

  • Customised System
    • Customised retail models built to specific client needs

    • Combine customer data & RDA’s geospatial consumer data in the geoTribes Explorer platform

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Expert geoanalytics platform for retail
operations & geomedia targeting