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RDA builds a range of geospatial demand data used for geomedia targeting, strategic planning, retail network analysis, regional profiling and database enhancement. The data is built using RDA’s unique geoFusion methodology that combines market research, behaviour and government microdata with RDA's synthetic population models. Geospatial demand data is available through RDA’s geoTribes Explorer Platform, our spatial data API & licensed data files and is used in RDA’s geospatial data science projects.


Key benefits:


Access to a broad range of data through a variety of government licenses and data partnerships such as Nielsen.


Demand data is modelled to the entire population, with no coverage gaps, suitable for brand building.


RDA’s geoFusion models, incorporating synthetic populations, provide accurate estimates of key demand characteristics, such as size, penetration and value.


Privacy is ensured by having no personally identifiable information (PII) used at any time during the construction of RDA’s demand data.


Conveniently accessible through RDA’s geoTribes Explorer Platform, spatial data API, as licensed data files and through our media affiliates such as Eyeota.


Demand data categories:

  • Household demand
  • Household economics
  • Health and wellness
  • Sport
  • Automotive
  • Lifestyle activities
  • Psychographics
  • Product usage
  • Media consumption
  • Brand affiliation
  • Custom audiences built to specification
  • Business ownership and locations
  • Working population

RDA's geoFusion Model:

Since the mid 1990’s, RDA has been developing a unique expertise in applying geospatial models to construction of synthetic populations. The original work was based on academic literature which was the catalyst for a substantial development program resulting in RDA’s unique geoFusion approach to synthetic population construction and application.

Since initial developments there have been significant improvements in the scope & performance of RDA’s geoFusion models and coverage has been extended to include models for New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and the USA.

data sourcing:

  • Government microdata
  • Census information
  • Population projections
  • Personal values surveys
  • Quantitative market research
  • Media currency data
  • Psychographic studies

geospatial modelling of government microdata:

RDA had developed a unique multi-country expertise in the construction of spatial models based on a fusion of Census with Government Microdata. Successful models have been built in the areas of Household Expenditure, Income Assets & Loans and Health.

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no personally identifiable information (PII)
used in geoFusion modelling