Audience Customisation & Location Tool.

The geoTribes Audience Finder tool enables advertisers, media owners and planners to build and locate custom audiences using a combination of sociodemographic, behavioural and lifestyle measures. The tool enables users to design their audience, choose a geography, analyse reach, map audience hotspots and produce a targeting list in a few keystrokes.

The Audience Finder incorporates RDA's geoTribes and geoSmart segments, demographics, household demand & economics and a broad range of third-party behavioural, attitudinal and lifestyle measures and is ideal for OOH, Letterbox, OTT, community news and other geomedia targeting.

Audience Finder Workflow

  • 1. Design Audience &
    Choose Geography

  • 2. Analyse Reach

  • 3. Map Audience Hot Spots

  • 4. Produce Targeting List