Build your audience. Choose a geography. Create value.

The geoTribes Audience Finder which is part of the geoTribes Explorer platform enables users to creatively define and map nuanced audiences by combining demographics, attitudes, lifestyles and proximity data.

Using the Explorer’s point-and-click interface, users can design audiences, choose a geographic area, analyse reach, adjust for proximity, map hotspots and produce targeting lists for geospatial channels like OOH, Letterbox, OTT and community news. The Audience Finder incorporates a combination of RDA's geoTribes and geoSmart segments, sociodemographic, behavioural, household demand, economics, attitudinal and lifestyle measures from RDA and GeoCMV, developed jointly with Nielsen Media.

Design Audience
& Choose Geography
Design Audience & Choose Geography
Analyse Reach
Map Audience
Hot Spots
Map Audience Hot Spots
Targeting List
Produce Targeting List