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Geospatial Analysis & Planning Geospatial Analysis & Planning

Inform customer-centric analysis & planning with rich multi-dimensional consumer data. Integrate retail location planning and media targeting through a single easily-used interface.

CRM Database Segmentation & Enrichment CRM Database Segmentation & Enrichment

Enhance machine learning, visualization and behavioural attribution in CRM systems using a broad range of privacy-safe, segmentation and modelled market data.

Offline Audience Segments Offline Audience Segments

Achieve consistent multi-country targeting, using authoritative, privacy-safe offline audience segments, targeting consumer needs, value, psychology, health & wellness and lifecycle stages.

RDA is

A highly experienced and expert provider of segmentation & modeled market data for use in
geospatial analysis & planning, CRM database enrichment and digital audience targeting.

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Geospatial Analysis & Planning

Create compelling geospatial analyses using the geoTribes Explorer’s inbuilt geoanalytics features and extensive consumer profiling data. Build custom audiences and upload retail networks & customer data.


  • Demand estimation

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Regional profiling

  • Retail location planning

  • OOH campaign targeting

  • Local area marketing

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Create your own audiences using any combination of person & household demographics, geodemographic segments, household spend, behaviour, media consumption and psychology.

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CRM Database Segmentation & Enrichment

Add rich dimensionality to CRM databases with geoTribes segmentation and market data. These are based on privacy-safe offline data sources like government microdata, census and market research surveys. Access is provided via our secure tagging portal or as data tables embedded in client systems.


  • Customer profiling

  • Machine learning

  • Data visualization

  • Behavioural attribution

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Market research integration

  • Media Planning

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geoTribes segments provide consistent, needs-based targeting across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and USA.

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Offline Audience Segments

Achieve consistent multi-country targeting through major DMPs and buying platforms via our partner Eyeota, as well as in geomedia. Built at a fine-grained geographic level from privacy-safe offline segmentation and market data based on government sources and market research surveys.


  • Target persistent consumer characteristics like values psychology, heath & wellness and spend capacity

  • Build brand campaigns on a solid foundation.

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