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Market scenario modelling Offline Audience Segments

Build scenarios on RDA’s synthetic population files to quantify the impact of market developments and the best consumer segments and regions to target.

Geospatial Analysis & Planning Geospatial Analysis & Planning

Add rich, multi-dimensional consumer data to geospatial analysis & planning. Integrate retail location planning and media targeting through a single easily-used interface.

First Party Data Enrichment CRM Database Segmentation & Enrichment

Enhance machine learning, visualization, behavioural attribution and target selection of first party data using a broad range of privacy-safe, segmentation and market data.

RDA is

A highly experienced and expert provider of cloud solutions, segmentation & market data for
market scenario modelling, geospatial analysis & planning and first party data enrichment.

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Market Scenario Modelling

Answer "What if" questions using RDA’s synthetic population files. These replicate the whole population for each census area (eg SA1) in terms of anonymized Households and Persons which are tagged with RDA’s geoTribes and geoSmart segments and a multitude of profiling variables. Modelling themes include data on health and wellness from the National Health Survey (ABS) and incomes, expenditure, debt and wealth from Household Expenditure Survey (ABS).


  • Identifying ‘at risk’ customer groups and revenue streams

  • Quantifying market opportunities and the impact of adverse events

  • Comparing regional profiles

  • Ranking market hotspots by customer count and value

  • Media planning through Nielsen’s CMV and TRW’s emma surveys

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Create your own audiences using any combination of person & household demographics, geodemographic segments, household spend, behaviour, media consumption and psychology.

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Geospatial Analysis & Planning

Create compelling geospatial analyses using the geoTribes Explorer’s inbuilt geoanalytics features and extensive consumer profiling data. Build custom audiences and upload retail networks & customer data.


  • Demand estimation

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Regional profiling

  • Retail location planning

  • OOH campaign targeting

  • Local area marketing

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geoTribes segments provide consistent, needs-based targeting across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and USA.

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First Party Data Enrichment

Add rich new dimensions to your First Party Data with geoTribes segmentation and market data. Change your emphasis from finding people to deeply understanding them with dimensions modelled from privacy-safe offline data sources like government microdata, census and market research surveys. Access is provided via our secure tagging portal or as data tables embedded in client systems.


  • Customer profiling

  • Machine learning

  • Data visualization

  • Behavioural attribution

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Market research integration

  • Media Planning

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