RETAIL NETWORK PLANNING database-segmentation

Identify the value & opportunities in existing retail networks and develop the best strategies for growth with point & click ease

GEOSPATIAL DATA SCIENCE geotribes segments

Expert geospatial data science to support confident customer targeting and planning decisions

GEOMEDIA TARGETING media-targeting

Build and map powerful audience narratives by combining demographics, attitudes, lifestyles & proximity with point & click ease

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An expert provider of data, tools, solutions and geospatial data science services
for corporations, start-ups and their agencies.

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Database Segmentation

RDA’s geoTribes and geoSmart segments provide proven frameworks for target market identification, knowledge integration, proposition development, performance benchmarking, media planning, customer engagement and business reporting. They are supported by extensive profiling of behaviours, media consumption, attitudes and lifestyles and are tagged 24/7 through our secure web portal.

We also develop custom geoTribes, behavioural and hybrid segmentation solutions designed to address client’s particular problems and make the best use of their database and survey research resources.

Find out more about the 15 geoTribes person-level, needs based segments.

Find out more about the 55 geoSmart segments capturing the growing diversity in Australia today.

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Use the geoTribes on-line portal to tag geoTribes and geoSmart segments. Customers can be tagged in Australia, NZ, Canada, England and USA.

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Retail Network Planning

We build customised retail network planning solutions on a client-by-client basis in our geoTribes Explorer geoanalytics platform to address problems like:

  • Store sales prediction

  • Market demand estimation

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Store cannibalization

  • Target segment coverage

  • Quantifying market gaps

  • Branch location and service emphasis

  • Expansion / roll-out planning for growing retail businesses

Explorer solutions are underpinned by proven geoanalytic frameworks, population projection & segmentation data as well as drive time and Google Places integrations. We also process customer loyalty & transactions data and use machine learning to build store sales potential and available market demand estimates.

Our solutions support fact-based decision making by retail planners, enabling them to solve challenging strategy and development problems with point-and-click ease. All of our retail network planning solutions are backed by expert training and support.

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brilliantly simple geoanalytics platform.

The geoTribes Explorer platform promotes better business outcomes by making expert geoanalytics and a broad range of highly relevant spatial data readily accessible through proven analytical workflows in an intuitive, instructional interface.

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Geospatial Data Science

Our geospatial data science team provides reports, services and solutions that help our clients build their market understanding and support fact-based decision making, including:

  • Database segmentation reports

  • Lookalike targeting models

  • Trade area and retail network analyses

  • Building market demand models

  • Predictive analytics and sales forecasting

  • Fusion & mapping of survey research results

  • Performance benchmarking and gap identification

  • Turnkey solutions in our geoTribes Explorer geoanalytics platform

Explorer solutions can be configured with off-the-shelf mapping and data components or as fully customised planning systems, depending on client requirements. All of our geospatial data science solutions are backed by expert training and support.

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