geoTribes Explorer

geoTribes Explorer is a user-friendly location analytics web application. We tailor solutions in the Explorer to suit individual client requirements, generally including our segments and geoFusion data. We also integrate customer sales data and modelled potential estimates, and provide training & support for client teams to help them get the most out of their solution. With geoTribes Explorer, clients who are not geospatial specialists are able to put the power of expert location analytics directly in their hands.

geoTribes 15 segments

geoTribes is the class leading segmentation and knowledge integration solution for marketers and media owners who collect address and age data. geoTribes is the only geodemographic scheme that uses age in its fitment to produce person-level archetypes. These are the key to geoTribes' deeper psychological profiling and lifecycle stage sensitivity.

geoSmart 58 segments

geoSmart is a proven and powerful segmentation that assigns all Australian consumers and households into one of 58 segments and 12 groups. geoSmart has been built to maximize differences in wallet size, spending patterns, media consumption, behavioural response and multicultural influence. geoSmart incorporates the latest Census, population growth, household expenditure and economic patterns, and through the Census, taps into cultural diversity and differentials in key lifecycle stages across multicultural groups.

find your segment

RDA’s segment finder is a website that returns geoTribes segment codes for an individual address & age in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain and Canada. In Australia, the segment finder also tags geoSmart segments.

geoFusion data

geoFusion modelling consists of two main stages. Firstly we build a synthetic population model (synpops) by combining Census and Microdata. We build synpops across a number of countries and they form the basis for many of RDA’s products. In the second stage we fuse Market Research, behavioural and Microdata with the synpops to create a unique range of planning & profiling data.