from understanding human needs to 15 targetable segments

Person-level geoTribes segments turn readily available age & address information into a powerful platform for understanding customers and audiences with 15 geoTribes that are built on...

  • Lifecycle Stage which is a key driver of needs across categories
  • Socioeconomic Status which is a key driver of the quality of purchases made to meet the needs

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rockafellas achievers fortunats crusaders preppies independents suburban-splendour twixters debtstars boomers true-blues struggleville grey-power survivors slender-meanz

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why person-level targeting is better

Your lifecycle stage and where you live, are key factors in creating your social identity and this is integral with your lifestyle, purchasing, social interactions and use of brands & media channels.

If you are young, you’ll have something in common with the older people in your area, but you are actually living your life in a totally different way and this is reflected across the different geoTribes segments.

geoTribes is the only segmentation tool that uses factual age in tagging, so that each geoTribe incorporates a distinct lifecycle stage rather than the mix that occurs in the segments of other geodemographic tools.


geoTribes is used by researchers, planners & creatives to...

  • Understand behavioural drivers to work out why customers respond the way they do.
  • Build rich psychological media & lifestyle profiles and create more nuanced propositions & messaging.
  • Benchmark market penetration to find the best opportunities for business development.
  • Link research, media, behavioural and retail data for market planning based on underlying human needs.
  • Build profitability models to find the best geoTribes segments and target them on the ground.
  • Build media plans from CRM databases based on high performing customers.
  • Use geoTribes segments to develop the deeper understanding necessary to create powerful value propositions.
  • Build distinct brand identities and messaging across the product range.
  • Make customised corporate segment scheme based on geoTribes.

geoTribes segmentation is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK & USA.

geoTribes online database tagging portal

RDA’s database tagging portal enables licensees to upload and batch tag full databases either through the web interface or SFTP/SSH. Tagging of geoTribes segments is available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain and Canada. In Australia, the portal also tags geoSmart segments as well as SA1 and encrypted household identifiers... Records can be submitted to the portal in raw address or pre-processed (de-identified) formats.

database tagging

RDA’s data tagging web service can be integrated seamlessly into a business’ infrastructure, and enables tagging of records in real time through the use of a SOAP based API. This means that records can be tagged immediately on acquisition, without having to wait until the next batch tagging update cycle. In addition to its main portal, RDA also provides licensees with access to its research tagging portal which is designed for use with market research surveys.

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geoTribes targets the needs of people not the area they live in

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