Since the mid 1990’s, RDA has been developing a unique expertise in geospatial models to construct synthetic populations. Our original work was based on academic literature which was the catalyst for a substantial development program resulting in RDA’s unique approach to synthetic population construction. Since our initial developments we have significantly improved the scope & performance of our Synpops and extended their coverage beyond Australia to include models for New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and the USA.

The Synpop files provide a base on which to model data from a broad range of sources...

geoFusion is RDA's unique methodology for adding value by integrating customer behaviour, market research results and geospatial data.

We base our geoFusion models on diverse data sources including...

  • Government microdata
  • Census information
  • Personal values surveys
  • Quantitative market research
  • Behavioural data
  • Web traffic

Our data fusion models employ diverse methodologies such as...

  • Statistical matching
  • Mathematical optimisation
  • Population projection
  • Predictive modeling


  • Combining survey databases
  • Database enhancement
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Digital media targeting
  • Strategic planning
  • Data visualisation
  • Customer engagement
  • Content marketing
  • Retail network analysis
  • Local area marketing

geoFusion enhanced synthetic population data

research data partners

RDA partners with research companies in Australia and internationally. We model our partners’ data and bring the modelled geospatial projections to life in our geoTribes Explorer system.


In 2014, RDA started working with international research company IPSOS to create geospatial representations of ...Media, Attitudinal and Behavioural variables from the emma ( survey. This work culminated with the release of geoemma data as a standalone product for media planning and digital media targeting and also the geoemma geomedia planning system containing some 1,000 spatially projected variables from the emma survey.

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online research

AOR is a long-time partner of RDA, collaborating with us in the production of Pulse Values surveys in both Australia & the USA ...and also other ad-hoc geospatially projected survey projects.

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Abacus Data
- Canada -

Abacus data is a leading public opinion and market research consultancy, based in Ottawa Canada... RDA has collaborated with Abacus on numerous geospatial planning projects based on the spatial projection of survey research findings and embedding the results in our geoTribes Explorer geoplanning system.

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Modelling government microdata

Over the past 20 years, RDA had developed a unique multi-country expertise in the construction of spatial models based on a fusion of Census with Government Microdata. We have successfully built many models of this type particularly in the areas of Household Expenditure, Income Assets & Loans and Health.