tailored solutions for retail network planning & media geotargeting

geoTribes Explorer combines proven geospatial analysis, segmentation & consulting frameworks with proprietary modelled data in a high performance, user-friendly web service. We work with clients to understand their geoplanning problems, then configure a tailored solution for them within the geoTribes Explorer system. We also train & support their analytical and operations staff in how to use the Explorer to achieve professional geoplanning results.

Bring high-level geospatial planning expertise to your organization without employing a geospatial specialist.

Geospatial analytics in your browser. For individual users and corporate analysis teams.

Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, geoTribes Explorer provides all parts of your organisation with the benefits of a convenient & easily-used geospatial analysis platform... Our secure and stable environment provides a streamlined single geospatial view for the whole organisation, allowing seamless user collaboration. The Explorer also features straightforward account administration & rights management and access via Tablet, Laptop and PC so it's suitable for analysts and sales representatives who are on-the-go.

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Geospatial intelligence in a few clicks.

Achieve professional geospatial analysis results quickly and effectively. We configure a solution to meet your specific requirements - you only pay for the analytical features and data you need... The features are intuitively accessed and RDA provides training & support so you can make the most of them.

Here are some example analyses you can do:

  • Site evaluation
  • Network planning
  • Local area media planning
    • Letterbox / Newspaper / Cinema / Venue / Shopping Centre / Outdoor
  • Local area marketing and customised messaging
    • Messaging attuned to local needs / psychology / cultural factor
  • Retail space management
  • Trade marketing
  • Strategic planning, forecasting and performance evaluation
  • Execution frameworks for corporate strategic plans
  • Market rollout and prioritization strategies

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Implementation made easy.

Win with enhanced geospatial campaign implementation. Generate lists of postcodes, regions and census areas based on target audience concentrations and competitor proximity... Search for areas nationally, within states or limit these to your store footprint. Point and click to create ranking reports by Census areas, postal codes, suburbs and store catchments.

Output lists of the following areas:

  • Australia
    • SA1
    • SA2
    • Postcodes
    • Suburbs

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From scratch to fully working system in one day.

Building your own customised, full-scale geospatial application is not a simple task nor for the faint hearted. Accomplish more and reduce development costs when you choose a geoTribes Explorer tailored solution... This is ideal for project teams and consultancies who are working to tight deadlines, as you can be up and running on the same day.

Our in-house analysts can provide additional customised modelling or prepare complex data for use in our system. Please talk to us about your requirements.

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Intuitive user interface.

We have developed the geoTribes Explorer using a design principle we call Brilliantly Simple, which emphasizes power and ease of use. You will feel right at home with our integration of Google Maps, including Street View... As our professional geospatial analysts have prepared and loaded the data for you, all you need to do is to ‘point and click’ - simple.

Through easy access to mapping and analytical functions you will be a power user in no time. All of the system reports and data can be readily exported to PDF/CSV/XLS, so you can publish and share your results in familiar formats.

Our interface features:

  • Easy access to mapping and analytical functions - be a power user in no time
  • Reports and data exported to PDF/CSV - share and publish results in familiar formats

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Your own geospatial specialist (in the cloud).

RDA Research's bureau analysis, modelling and consulting frameworks, refined over many years, are embedded within the geoTribes Explorer's rich analytical feature set...

Our system's analytical features include:

  • Thematic mapping
  • Site profiling
    • Build trade areas using radius, travel time or area selection
    • Detailed profiles compared to benchmarks
    • Comparison between sites
  • Network analysis
    • Ranking on key variables
    • Comparative store profiling
    • Retail footpring profiling
    • Network cannibalization
    • Proximity between networks
    • Data mining for lookalike areas
  • Market penetration and performance by segment
    • % penetration and index by segment
    • Locate hotspots and untapped potential
  • Powerful audience finder function
    • Flexible combinations of selection criteria
    • Choice of geographic levels
    • Directly profile and rank retail networks
  • Territory management
    • Interactively build sales and franchise territories

Data can also be readily exported for further analysis if required.

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Premium data for nuanced local area understanding.

We partner with premium providers to ensure that our data gives you and your stakeholders the best understanding of local areas possible... RDA has a comprehensive range of profiling measures to suit targeting and planning decisions made in your industry.

Data available for use in the Explorer includes:

  • Retail sites and competitor locations
  • Geodemographics
    • geoTribes (AUS, NZL, GBR, CAN, USA)
      • Person-level segments
      • Lifecyle Stage, Socioeconomic Status, Culture and Density dimensions
    • General purpose geodemographic systems
      • geoSmart (AUS)
      • Geodemographics of New Zealand (NZL)
      • Universal Geodemographics (AUS, NZL, GBR, CAN, USA)
  • Census Data (AUS, NZL, GBR, CAN, USA)
  • Population change (AUS)
  • Household expenditure and market demand (AUS)
  • Customer and sales penetration data (Client supplied)
  • Branch performance data (Client supplied)
  • Sales and customer penetration benchmarking by segment (based on client supplied sales/customer data)
  • Projected survey data from our research data partners (AUS)
    • Brand preference
    • Health and well-being
    • Media usage
    • Psychology
    • Lifestyles
    • Automotive
    • Media consumption

Data can also be exported for further analysis if required.

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The support you need from Day One.

At RDA Research we help users to maximise the benefits of using the Explorer System. From day one, we show users how to use their geoTribes Explorer solution through one-on-one tutorials and webinars... We also provide a consulting service to support advanced analytical requirements.

RDA's comprehensive support and consulting capabilities include:

  • Data preparation
  • System configuration
  • Development of customised analysis and planning frameworks
  • Incorporation and maintenance of client data in the system
  • Geospatial analysis consulting

If you have more advanced requirements for geospatial consulting, please contact us on +61 2 8923 6600.

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Go the extra mile.

If you have ever wondered how your existing data could be transformed geospatially, look no further. RDA has the data preparation and modelling processes in place to transform your data into a powerful geoPlanning asset.


Marketing Analysis
  • Identify market opportunities at different levels of granularity using a broad range of measures in thematic maps, tables, graphics and Excel output. See sample output >
  • Profile retail locations using segments, demographics, household expenditure, attitudes, lifestyles, media consumption and behavioural measures and compare to national or state benchmarks using maps, graphics, tables and Excel output. See sample output >
Retail Network Planning
  • Use sophisticated data and analytics to enhance retail network development and ongoing optimization. See sample output >
Category Management
Performance Benchmarking
  • Find geographic areas and locations with under and over performance and identify the underlying drivers. See sample output >
Finding Audience Hotspots
  • Define target audiences using demographics, segments, spend, media consumption, behaviour and attitudes and then find regions and retail locations where they are concentrated. See sample output >
Local Area Marketing
  • Create customised messaging approaches and media plans based on local area attitudes, preferences and behaviour. See sample output >
Territory Management
  • Build and profile a diverse range of territories like; local newspaper distribution, sales territories, franchise areas and canvassing zones. See sample output >
geoMedia Asset Profiling
  • Create nuanced profiles of outdoor, cinema, local newspaper and letterbox media assets in response to advertiser briefs. See sample output >


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