Offline audience segments built from real world behaviour, value & psychology.

RDA builds a unique range of geo-referenced offline audience data segments used for media targeting, strategic planning, retail analytics and database enhancement. The segments are built using RDA’s unique geoFusion methodology that combines market research, behaviour and government microdata with RDA's synthetic population models.

The geoFusion models employ diverse algorithms such as statistical matching, mathematical optimisation, population projection and machine learning to provide a base on which to fuse data from a broad range of sources...

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      RDA's geoFusion models

      Since the mid 1990’s, RDA has been developing a unique expertise in applying geospatial models to construction of synthetic populations. Our original work was based on academic literature which was the catalyst for a substantial development program resulting in RDA’s unique geoFusion approach to synthetic population construction and application. Since initial developments there have been significant improvements in the scope & performance of RDA’s geoFusion models and coverage has been extended to include models for New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and the USA.

      RDA builds geoTribes offline audience data segments by applying its geoFusion modeling to a diverse range of data sources including...

      • Government microdata
      • Census information
      • Personal values surveys
      • Quantitative market research
      • Media currency data
      • Psychographic studies
      • Anonymised behavioural data
      • Web traffic

      Audience finder

      The unique Audience finder system is available through the geoTribes Explorer expert retail network analytics cloud platform enables clients to flexibly define target audiences using any combination of person & household demographics, geoTribes and geoSmart segments, socioeconomic status decile and lifecycle stage. These target audiences can be used in the Explorer or exported at any level of census and postal geography within drive-time trade areas for retail networks.

      Audience finder chart...

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      geoFusion brings LIFE to audience targeting

      data partners

      RDA partners with research companies in Australia and internationally. We model our partners’ data and bring the modelled geospatial projections to life in our geoTribes Explorer system.

      Modelling government microdata

      Over the past 20 years, RDA had developed a unique multi-country expertise in the construction of spatial models based on a fusion of Census with Government Microdata. We have successfully built many models of this type particularly in the areas of Household Expenditure, Income Assets & Loans and Health.