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RDA was established in Sydney over 20 years ago as a provider of quantitative market research services for corporate strategic planning. This experience in psychological profiling and segmentation provided the expertise to develop geodemographic targeting systems, with our first version of geoSmart launched in the early 90’s.

Delivering many successful projects over the years, RDA has provided a variety of clients with customer targeting and retail network planning solutions to aid with strategic planning and customer targeting.

During the late 90’s, RDA developed a proprietary methodology for combining census and survey microdata into synthetic population (synpop) models. Building and applying synthetic populations has been a central plank in RDA’s business since that time, and has evolved into a deep expertise in data fusion methodologies.

Our population models and geodemographic systems have grown and diversified with the Australian population, and are now also available in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand.

Over the last 5 years, we have moved our services, data and expertise online, delivering solutions through our unique web service portals. Due to privacy legislation, we tag databases on our own Australian-based server, while our location analytics platform leverages the power of the Amazon cloud.

what we do

RDA’s business is focused on three main products...

  • The geoTribes Explorer is a versatile cloud-based location analytics platform. It is designed to be a user-friendly solution for analysis and planning, focusing on retail network development and media geotargeting. We embed customised solutions in the Explorer and train and support our client teams to achieve professional analytical results.

  • geoTribes and geoSmart geodemographic segmentation products. geoTribes is a unique, person-level scheme available for database tagging and geospatial analysis in 5 countries. geoSmart is a powerful & proven, uniquely Australian traditional geodemographic system with 58 segments, backed by extensive applications experience. Clients tag our segments onto their databases through the portal.

  • Building geospatial targeting databases incorporating our synthetic population technology. This includes spatial demand estimates for spend, behaviour and health, based on government microdata, media planning and cultural profiling data, produced by fusing third-party surveys from our market research data partners. This data is used in a broad range of applications including segment profiling, database wallet scoring, local area marketing and digital media targeting.

our philosophy

Through our 'brilliantly simple’ philosophy we aim to bring sophisticated analysis, planning and execution capabilities into the hands of end-user clients. We do this through constantly improving our products based on user feedback and making our products broadly available through the cloud.

RDA has a high level of technical expertise in its chosen areas of operation and shares this through our technology platforms and support services, in order to 'get the job done’.

We realise that successful outcomes rely on a combination of excellent technical capabilities and confident, skilled users. Based on this understanding, RDA has a friendly, cooperative culture where our technical team works with clients to find better solutions to their day to day problems and plan better outcomes.

RDA’s business grew from a background in market research and we remain committed to best practice Codes of Professional Behaviour. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is used in the construction or application of RDA's products or services.

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